The Holy month of Ramadhan is most blessed of all for Muslims. Holy teachings emphasise it as being the time of appreciation of all things we have as well as helping others especially those less fortunate. This year Supporting Hands UK has a target to support 30 of the most neediest families in remote areas of Pakistan by providing them with iftaar (provisions to open their fasts) throughout the month. Imagine 14 hour fasts without a meal to look forward to or clean water to quench thirst? Help us support the basic necessities in this cause by giving £30 towards a family.

If you want to give *FIDYA* for not fasting this Ramadan (due to illness, old age, not being able to etc) you can do by donating £30 fidya for full month of fasting to Supporting Hands UK.
Please transfer £30 to the following bank account
Lloyds Bank plc
Account Name: Supporting Hands UK
Sort Code: 30-91-79
Account no. 25584768
or donate £35 online (to cover just giving cost) at https://www.justgiving.com/campaigns/charity/supportinghands-uk/iftar
Contact *07802603613* or *supportinghandsuk.org* for more info