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About Us

Supporting Hands UK (SHUK) is a charity with one purpose-giving a hand to those that need it so they can be a position to one day reach out to others themselves too. We help those in need in Education, Orphan, Marriage, and medical field.

SHUK started its operations in mid-2013. During 2014 and 2015 SHUK was focused on education in Pakistan and helped financing fees for 15 students in completing their higher education. Currently, SHUK is supporting 290+ children in their education (mainly through financing fees). Education remains our main focus and main work of our activities.

During later years, SHUK expanded programs to include (apart from education) Ramazan Campaign, Wedding Support Campaign, Clothes Campaign, Qurbani Campaign, Medical support Campaign and Winter Blanket Campaign. On a one-off basis, Charity has supported special projects

Supporting Hands UK main focus is on Education support programs.