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2021 Full Year Update

Supporting Hands UK activities during the year 2021

The Trustees of Supporting Hands UK express their sincere thanks to all Donors for their support in this great cause. Without your Support it would not have been possible to achieve the results.   Your ongoing support is helping 250+ students to change their lives forever by educating themselves.

None of the volunteers or Trustees are paid for their services and efforts. Supporting Hands UK Trustees or volunteers did not derive any benefits from Supporting Hands UK activities.

Education Project

Education remains the focus of our activities. By the end of 2021, SHUK have provided financial support to 250+ students on regular basis in form of school/college fees and other school expenses.  All the students are either from the family of a Shaheed or from under privileged backgrounds.  All the students progressed to the next year of education during 2021. During 2021, we move about 30 children to better school and college. This was a risk with took to improve the quality of education. This move was quite successful. With the exception of 2 students, who could not cope with the change, the remaining students have completed the year and moved to higher classes.

Student distribution– 52% in primary school, 33% in Senior School and 17% in college/university. 46% of the students are girls and 54% are boys

In addition to 250+ students, Supporting Hands Uk is helping friends of Rahnuma Public School ( a project of Path Education} to raise funds for the school through their contacts and fund school expenses in Karachi. The School is located in an under privilege area in Karachi. The school was established in 2006 and currently has 470+ students

Thanks for your ongoing support for the above. It would not have been possible to achieve above without your support.

Ramzan Ration Distribution

Our Ramazan Campaign activities were successfully completed. During 2021, Alhamdulilah, Ramazan rations were distributed to 300 families in Pakistan (Skardu, Parachinar, Punjab, and Karachi).

The rations included flour, rice, and different varieties of lentils, oil, ghee, tea, milk sugar, concentrated drinks, vermicelli, gram flour and dates.

Qurbani Campaign

Our Qurbani Campaign is to assist momineens in UK to Eid ul Azha qurbani obligations according to Islamic procedures and distribute among the deserving people

SHUK arranged to perform 29 qurbanis on behalf of momineens during Eid ul Azha. The qurbani meat was distributed among 300+ families.  The qurbanis were performed in Skardu, Parachinar, Karachi and Wah.

Many thanks for all the support & participation received from members of the community for this project.

Winter Blanket campaign

SHUK have been successfully running this campaign for last 5 years. During 2021 110+blankets were distributed. The distribution

During 2020, 150+ blanket/ duvets were distributed. Our reach was limited due to COVID-19 restriction. The distribution was done in Wah Cantt, Parachinar, Quetta, Skardu,   in Pakistan.

Other One-Offs

During the year, Supporting Hands Uk supported 3 families for wedding expenses

Financial Summary

During 2021, Supporting Hands raised £65.5k for the Education, Ramazan, Qurbani ,Winter Blanket and other projects. Supporting Hands (UK) have spent £61.9k during 2021. Of this, £2.7k (only 4%) were expenses.  This represents Banks charges for remittances, Justgiving/ Paypal processing charges، software and Audit fees. Any other charges have been borne by Trustees