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Orphan Fund

The Holy Prophet (S) says:
“I and one who maintains an orphan would be together in Paradise in the presence of Allah, in the same way as these two fingers are together.”
And he pointed out to his index and the middle finger joined together.
No doubt, the rank of an orphan is one of the most respected in Islam. There are many traditions and verses that relate to this in Islamic scriptures. Supporting Hands, has seen first hand the difficulties orphans face in countries like Pakistan. From the breadwinner in the family being subject to target killing to parents dying out of poverty. As a result, many children have to leave their education and look for work to support their family and become the household responsible at a tender age.
Through the Supporting Hands orphan fund, donors will have the opportunity to sponsor an orphan. This will consist of monthly donations towards their well-being and education. In return, the sponsor will receive (if they wish to), feedback on the orphans progress.
The Holy Prophet (S) has also stated:
“If anyone from you becomes the guardian of an orphan and deals kindly with them, and he fulfills these actions satisfactorily, and he strokes the head of the orphan with sympathy, then Allah necessarily writes good deeds equivalent to the hair covered by his hand and forgives sins equal to the number of hair, and raises his position in grades equal to the hair of the orphan’s head.”