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Marriage Fund

Marriage is the most beautiful and most blessed act which every woman looks forward to in their life. Islam considers marriage a social obligation that completes half of your relegion. It is an act that is greatly admired by our creator and recommended by our prophet (PBUH). We are able to easily enjoy this blessing from Allah but we cannot say the same for others.

Many orphan girls are unable to get married due to the loss of their parents, and being disregarded. Do we not want other people especially the needy to feel the same pleasure and blessings as us? Why not help them to start their new life? You can be a part of changing their lives of these unfortunate people by being a part of Supporting Hands.

We have helped people in the marriage process by providing financial help for the purchase of essential items. Due to limited funds, we have helped limited number of the families.

Please join us by donating generously for this noble cause.

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