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Supporting Hands UK is charity with one purpose-giving a hand to those that need it so they can be in a position to one day reach out to others themselves too. We help out with Education, Orphan, Ration, Medical support,  and Marriage support .  All transactions are transparent .

Supporting Hands UK have been supporting deserving people since its inception in 2013. While our main emphasis is on Education, our other projects  have been in the area of Ramzan Rations, Qurbanis, Health, family  and marriage support. 

With your monthly recurring  donations, currently supporting 250+ students ( from 15 students in 2013) in Pakistan.  During  Ramzan,275 ration packages were distributed. 30 Qurbanis were performed and meat distributed to 300+ deserving families. Supporting Hands UK also provided some health and wedding support during the year.

All this is only possible with YOUR help and donation received on Regular monthly basis.    Any Donation, however small , goes long way in helping the deserving people.  Please donate on regular basis for this great humanity cause. 

100 % of your donation is used for the purpose received.

You can donate through:

  • Standing Order directly to Supporting Hands Bank Account
  • Through Justgiving Page
  • Through Paypal
  • Post a cheque to Supporting Hands